Friday, September 30, 2011

Before continuing...

So many things, so many pictures, so many foods, that it is hard to keep up writing all that I'd like to write. I was in Québec City and told it here. In the Jean-Talon Market and in the Atwater Market. In Little Italy, in Chinatown. I ate hot dogs, ramen soups, smoked meat sandwiches, cannoli, raw food and bagels, lots of bagels.

Though I know that the best memories will be the diners and the walks I made with the friends I leave in Montreal. Like the trip I did with my friend Arantza and her husband to pick up fresh apples.

Beignes aux Pommes

A little sad because I have to leave, but looking forward to the new destinations. Today I'm heading to the West, to the Pacific. Besides, I'm also very excited because tomorrow I'm meeting someone special, I have a date in Vancouver. Next post from there!


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