Thursday, September 8, 2011

Postcard home

Dear family and friends,
During my stay in Montreal I couldn't miss the opportunity to visit Canada's capital, which is only two and a half hours by car. So here I am, spending some days in Ottawa, visiting a part of the family that I hadn't seen for so many years, and catching up with family stories, which at this side of the Atlantic are served with a nice slice of lemon meringue pie.

Picasso y Limon Meringe Pie

I'm having a very nice time in Ottawa. It is an easy city to walk. The Parliament buildings, bridges, canals, museums...

Parliament Hill
Union St Bridge
Rideau Canal

...and tasty things like the beaver tails in the crowded ByWard Market. Beaver tails are a kind of fried dough pastries topped with various condiments (cinnamon sugar, chocolate, etc.). Take a look by yourselves and decide whether you'd like them or not!

Beaver Tails

I've already decided to come back some winter in the future. I can't wait to eat beaver tails, hot as they're served, on the Rideau Canal kiosks while skating it up and down :-)

Greetings from Canada's capital!


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