Friday, September 16, 2011

An opportunity to celebrate

Why not take this opportunity to celebrate the first month (and first third) of this trip, the additional year I carry in my baggage since a couple of weeks and, keeping apart egocentricity (it would have been more elegant to begin with that, I guess), the last corn harvest.


Anyway, we celebrated the occasion with an épluchette de blé d'Inde, that is a gathering with friends to eat fresh corn. The nice thing is that everyone should first peel the corns. Then they are cooked in salted water and eat with some butter and salt on them. It is such a comfort warm taste they have!

Ouvert 9 à 18 h
Markierte Fotos10
Markierte Fotos9

We bought these corns on the road, on our way back from the Eastern Townships, that region with towns in which porches, gardens and mailboxes are almost annoyingly perfect. After the visit I can understand better why the Quebec mysteries of Louise Penny take place here.

Adirondack Chairs


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