Sunday, August 5, 2012

New York and its street food trucks

As seen in so many movies, who hasn't dreamed once of eating a hot dog on the streets of New York? I do have, I must confess! If you've visited this blog at least a couple of times, you'd know by now that I'm quite fond of street food. This liking got worst last year when I was in Vancouver and discovered there the passion of North Americans for this art of eating.

Parked! 2012Parked! 2012Parked! 2012Parked! 2012

Yesterday, the annual meeting Parked! took place on the South Street Seaport of Manhattan, an event where the best food trucks of the city gather. When you think of food trucks, you may think of hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza, well, that was before, now these trucks have specialized and offer some bites you would never dream of, or what would you say to a kimchi taco, a lobster roll, grilled cheese or a Taiwanese lunch box? See it for yourselves...

Parked! 2012Parked! 2012Parked! 2012

I will keep informing you from the streets of New York :-)

Parked! 2012