Saturday, October 15, 2011

The day I didn't exist

If everything goes according to plan, today it should be October 15th 2011. Well then, today won't exist for me. I left Vancouver yesterday, October 14th at noon and will arrive tomorrow, October 16th, after 26 hours flight (adding up flights and transits). Where did my October 15th go?
Apparently this is what happens when you cross the International Date Line each time you fly from North America to the west.

While preparing the trip, I read a comment on a book from someone joking about the possibility of flight companies putting a warning on the flight tickets saying "Passengers are advised that on some crossings twenty-four hour loss of existence may occur". I refuse not to exist, so I've figured out a way to avoid it and this will be to leave some evidence of my existence in this blog. And now that we are talking about existence, let's talk about food. To be more precise about two meals I had in the past two weeks that will go directly to the list of "Great meals in Vancouver".

The first one a hamburger 777 in an old-fashion diner, The Templeton.

Markierte Fotos25
Markierte Fotos24

And the second one a hot dog Japanese style at Japa Dog, one of the most popular food trucks in the city.


By the way, Vancouver seems to be a good place to try out different street food options, there are many food trucks with a huge variety of food. If you are interested, take a look at a map with the locations and different styles. I will exist again soon and send you a postcard from my new destination. Regards.


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