Sunday, October 9, 2011

Postcard home

Dear friends and family,
I arrived one week ago to Vancouver but it seems to me it's been a month. It does not have to do with the time going slowly, not at all, it has to do with the sensation of me feeling home. I think that one can get practice in arriving to a new city and finding your way in. I think I'm getting good at it. However, I suspect in Vancouver there is another reason for me feeling home so fast and it's the fact that it reminds me so much of my hometown in Spain, the beautiful city of Santander in the Northern of the country. I know what you are thinking, that comparison can't be serious! Well, keeping differences in mind, both cities have some very similar points in common, like the fact that they both are at the seaside, at an important Ocean, both have a really spectacular bay, a very similar climate, and grandiose mountains behind them.

Vancouver Skyline
Salish Sea

As I wrote in my last post from Montreal, my first day in Vancouver started with a date. Destiny wanted that Ajonjoli and D., from the blog La flor del calabacín, arrived at Vancouver the same day I did. Who would have said when we started our blogs at the same time some years ago that we would meet each other on the other side of the World. It was amazing to meet at Granville Island to have lunch together (eat, what else!) and stroll along the city during the whole weekend.

After that, on Monday, I stayed on my own, again (to that I'm not getting used, spending very short but quality time with friends and saying goodbye again, and again, it's killing my emotional balance ;-). However it was time to start looking for all the things I had planned to see before my trip, so time to work! I hope I will be able to show you more tasty things before I leave Vancouver, there are plenty of them. Until then, greetings from the West Coast.

Fish & Chips
Go Fish

Fish & Chips at Go Fish, near Granville Island, and just in front of the place where Greenpeace started its first action.



  1. Thanks for the lovely shots!

    Vancouver is one of my home towns!

  2. Hi Daniel, it's a honor to have you here ;-) Glad you liked the shots!