Sunday, November 20, 2011

Postcard home

Dear family and friends,
I write this postcard from the last destination of my trip. I left Australia last Thursday and, as you already know through last post, I've made a short stopover in Hong Kong, basically to eat, I must confess. This is my first time in this side of the Asian continent and since I got off the plane I've been just lost in a state of fascination.


I think Hong Kong is an easy city for the Asia beginner like me: signs, directions, street names, most of the restaurant menus and so on, are written in English, besides Cantonese. The public transport is one of the most efficient I've ever experienced and very user-friendly too. Everything is well organized and, so my personal experience, Hong Kong people are polite and patient with the stranger, and most of them speak English.

People of Hong Kong
HK Skyline

And the street markets... well, the street markets deserve a different chapter for themselves...

Dried Food Market
Dried Food Market
Dried Food Market

I still have a couple of great meals in Hong Kong I want to show you. Until then, you can see more pictures in the Hong Kong Album.


  1. Such an amazing blog, your pictures and stories are stunning! I wish lot of luck and interesting food and people during you trip! keep your posts coming!