Friday, November 18, 2011

The Aussie food obsession

If you’ve ever been in North America, you’ll know for sure the great quality and, specially, variety of printed magazines about food and cooking they have over there. Well, multiply it by two and you’ll be getting closer to the offer there is in Australia. Some days ago, I was just going through all the magazines in a newsagency (as they call the newsstands in Australia) a little bit lost in my own thoughts, when a tittle on one of the covers caught my attention: “The train in Spain: Europe’s finest rail trip”, the magazine, Gourmet Traveler. I had to contain my tears when I opened it by the article’s page and saw those beautiful pictures of my hometown, and of the North Spanish region of Cantabria. (I hope you can read the article here.)

Markierte Fotos28IMG_0227

These five weeks I’ve been in Australia, I’ve come to a conclusion: Australians have a severe obsession for food! And you kind of... cannot blame them, as the basic products have so an amazing quality.
During television prime time, many channels broadcast cooking programs. Like the Australian Junior Masterchef, the junior version with contestants aged 8 to 12 years. So... is it at this age when they start getting obsessed with food? I don't know. But don’t you think these kids cook the classical kids’ recipes, no! Take a look by yourselves:

Many of the actual trend cooks or patissiers have once appeared or co-operate in this television contest. This is the case of Adriano Zumbo, a name which seems to be a synonym in Australia for the worldwide very popular macarons. His creations, let's admit it, are really a piece of art.

Adriano Zumbo

And there is of course the fusion kitchen. In this melting pot of cultures that is Australia, specially connected to the closest continent Asia, the cuisine has an exceptional mixture of influences. To close this mini article about the Australian obsession for food, I leave you here a couple of videos from two TV shows which I personally find very interesting and quality programs.

Peter Kuruvita was born in England, from an Austrian mother and a Sri Lankan father:

Luke Nguyen, born in Thailand, he grew up in Sydney where his Vietnamese parents emigrated when he was still a young kid.


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