Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cool Woolloomooloo

Sydney has a suburb called Woolloomooloo, isn't that cool? Even better, in Woolloomooloo you can find a popular hotdog truck which also serves pies. Harry's Cafe de Wheels specialty is the "Tiger" pie: a chunky beef pie with mushy peas, mash and gravy. Just decadently delicious! Pies seem to be a common takeaway food snack in Australia as well as, so I've read, one of the most popular consumed food items whilst watching an Australian football game.

Tiger PieTiger Pie

Contrary to what I'd thought, much more things in Australia remind me of things I've seen in Great Britain and not in the States. I know, I know, prejudices and horrible comparisons! If I just had paid more attention to the history books, I should have known!

Among those things are:

1) the meat pies
2) Marmite versus Vegemite (which both swear taste different)
3) women with bizarre huts at horse races
4) judging by the media, kind of an admiration for the British Royal Family
and 5) that both drive on the "wrong" way of the street ;-)

Leaving these silly things apart, there are other thinks I like to watch:

1) Flora

Flannel flowers
Old Man Banksia

2) Fauna


...more fauna

People of 

Australia: The Reader
People of Australia: 

RunnersPeople of 

Australia: Sex and The City

3) Architecture

Filigree Balcony
Filigree Balcony


  1. hi,

    gosh i miss sydney...

    thanx for all those beautiful pics...

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