Saturday, August 20, 2011

Postcard home

I arrived at my first destination. Here I will be spending the next six weeks. I promised to write a letter home and these are the first postcards. Do you know where I am?

I'm in a place where houses have fanciful stairs...

Fanciful Stairs

...and doors in joyful colours.

Red Doors

Where graffiti say beautiful things...

Le plus clair de mon temps...

...and you can have the best bagels in the world for breakfast ;-)

Fairmount Bagel


  1. You made it to your first destination :) I think I know where you are but I would not have it guessed it by the photos anyways as my knowledge about this certain place is too small :) Enjoy yourself and I'm looking forward to your next postcard. All the best from Henriette

  2. Hallo Henriette, well, I'll make sure then that your knowledge about this place expands a little ;-)
    Thanks and lots of regards!