Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magical magic word

What is the first image that comes into your mind when you think of Denmark? For me, and not that I'm not ashamed of, apart from a couple of films, very very few (and I'm beeing optimistic).

Fortunately, this situation has changed, and now, when I think of Denmark, I will inevitably think of pålægschokolade.

Surprise from Denmark!

Plus I will remember the thrill I felt when I opened the envelope that arrived from the North and discovered two small boxes with magical magic words on them. The contents: pålægschokolade, those very thin layers of chocolate ready to be eaten on bread that, as I've learned, are usually taken for breakfast in Denmark. I couldnt' help but comparing, as they remembered me of the chocolate bar sandwiches we ate in Spain when we were kids during the 70's. I wonder if the kids there are still eating these chocolate sandwiches today.

The person to be blame for this new association of mine is Henriette, a nice århusianer whom I met last summer. She has also talked about pålægschokolade in her blog. Don't miss it!


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