Saturday, November 13, 2010


In less time that it would take you to cross Berlin from one end to the other, you can reach Leipzig city centre by train. And that's exactly what I did last week. Once my work duties were done, I just had the time to visit one of the city's favorite sons and make a stop in a patisserie to buy Leipziger Lerchen.

Bach & Lerchen

In 1876, after the prohibition of one of the most famous regional dishes back then, the filled larks, the patissiers of Leipzig created this cakes remembering the forbidden speciality. The present lark is a sweet shortcrust pastry filled with marzipan.

Leipzig really makes it easy for its visitors, and if you don't believe me, what do you say to these metal plates which help you find the best position and camera settings for a good shot of Leipzig most famous places?

For good view step into


  1. My next time in Leipzig I will definitely have such a marzipan pie.... talkig about marzipan, did you ever go to Lübeck?

  2. Oh, Henriette, I have to prepare an award and give it to you, as you are... drum roll...
    my first visitor!!!
    And yes, I've been to Lübeck and, guess what I did first?

  3. You went to the Niederegger cafe to have Marzipan Torte? I want to go to Lübeck now!