Friday, May 17, 2013

CSI: Culinary Scene Investigation - Case #3

I just hope that my excellent CSI team of investigators hasn't go on vacation yet, as I need their precious help again! Criminality doesn't stop at the good weather, so now, in our third case, a recipe was again perpetrated.

This is how I found the crime scene. The first evidence points in one clear direction. However, remember that the crime scene is set in some place in Central Europe, so it may be difficult to identify some or one of the victims... specially after such a slaughter.

As usual, we'll have the discussion with your theories in the comment fields. Wish you a profitable investigation!


  1. It looks like Pesto was the killer or maybe the one who was murdered! but I know that everything is more complicated than it looks at first sight!!!

    1. Interesting question... was Pesto the killer or the victim itself, it depends on the point of view!