Saturday, January 26, 2013

CSI: Case #1 - The Perpetrated Recipe

After an exhaustive evaluation and analysis of the physical evidence found in the scene of the crime, these are the results.

The profile of the victims and the main murder weapon lead to one clear conclusion: the perpetrated recipe had to be some sort of a winter stew. This is our theory:

250 g cooked beets
1 medium pear
1/2 onion
500 ml vegetable stock

Modus operandi
The cooked beets, medium pear and onion were dismembered. The onion was briefly scalded in a pan with two spoons of hot oil, where the rest of the dismembered victims were added later, as well as the vegetable stock. All victims were drowned slowly, about 20 minutes over low heat. Finally, and to cover all possible tracks, the mixture was blended until it was a creamy soup. It was probably served with some grated cheese.

We strongly think that the murderer was hearing to this soundtrack while perpetrating the recipe.


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