Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Vanilla Circle

Not long ago I read this post in which Sandra showed some very nice old posters. In that post she also organized a give-away with a cute magnet of a Danish old-fashioned vanilla sugar package. To this point, nothing new. But later on that November I was visiting Sweden and doing my usual supermarket-safari when I recognized this nice old-fashioned package on a shelf, the one I had first seen at Sandra's blog and which I probably hadn't noticed if it hadn't been for her post (that's the funny thing with perception, it is more likely to see things -at all- when you already know them). So I suppose you know what I did next: I had to buy it (as this brand is not known here in Germany). A couple of days after that, back home, my good luck closed the circle when I won Sandra's give-away, lucky me, huh?

Vanille Sukker

The cute little magnet of the vanilla package has just arrived, and is now keeping company to the original vanilla package I brought from Sweden.